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ABBACREDO is the store display fixture manufacturer, who has ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories, including metal, wood, and acrylic, etc production lines.


We are the professional store display fixture manufacturer, who has ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories


We devoted ourselves to helping you realize your ideas from scratch with cost-effective and satisfied outcome

One Stop

We offer one-stop services from multiple materials, including the related surface treatments


Let us assist you to plan, design, and build entire store for making it ready for business within the shortest time

Ready for Business

Customization is our main focus, tell us what you would like to have, we have everything for you. The following photos are from our actual cases:

Branded Shop

We can work with your design team to create an ideal presentation for all kinds of distinctive brand shops.

Department Store

We are very skilled and experienced in providing various high-quality display fixtures of the upmarket level.

Large Chain Store

For standard and regular display products, our highly automated ISO factories can satisfy and fulfill your needs.


Benefit from Quality and Competitive Prices

We have more than 36 years of experience in the manufacturing of store display racks and fixtures. Also, we are the only manufacturer in the industry having metal, wood, and acrylic production plants all together so that we can produce complicated custom products combined with various materials.

Providing Solutions of Every Kind

We have high-end equipment, years of experience, and skilled process technology; for the product quality and the internal structure of the product, we have done a lot better than others. We can do all kinds of shapes from simple to complicated ones. From understanding the customer’s idea, we would then make drawings, design the internal structure, get the master team to confirm the functionality and quality, and then presenting the first piece to the customer. Upon the customer’s approval, we will then prepare for the mass productions accordingly.

To meet the high-end quality requirements of acrylic displays of internationally renowned brands, ABBACREDO has a full range of professional acrylic equipment.

Consistent Production Process

Our factories have passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification every year. Also, we implement quality control, monitoring each process of the production line, and standardizes its operations.

We fully comply with customer-approved drawings or samples.


ABBACREDO | The Professional Store Display Fixtures Manufacturer


We develop, improve, and update new techniques on making display fixtures.


Our Happy Clients

Quoted what our customer wrote, “I always tell them how professional, conscientious, quality-focused, and ‘forward-thinking’ the ABBACREDO team is.”


We have many years of experience and industry knowledge, and we developed certain technologies by ourselves.

About 95% we do are customized products, from large to small, made by all kinds of materials, everything you need.


We invest in various automation equipment to improve efficiency and product quality, and many customers like to visit our factory.

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We understand the characteristics of the shopfitting industry, and we have been continuously moving forward to research and develop the best production technology and craftsmanship.

ABBACREDO puts quality first as it’s built into the DNA of our corporate culture. Customers can buy value-for-money store display racks at a reasonable price. Our founder Mr. Tony Huang continuously educates all employees on the basic principle of “caution is the best skill; stability is the best way.”  (Read more)

ABBACREDO is a store display manufacturer that provides a wide range of shop fittings, such as  POP Displays, Gondolas, Clothing Racks, Shelving, Jewelry display, Sunglass Display Stands, Nesting Tables, Showcase, etc. We produce custom made designs with over 35 years of experience.(Read more)

To find out the manufacturer you cooperated with had shut down after you received the defective products? Please do not worry anymore, contact ABBACREDO (ABBA) immediately, we can provide you quality assurance and honest after-sales service.(Read more)

It is our mission to help customers expand their stores globally

Committed to Delivering High Quality Store Display Fixtures and Innovate Design Solutions

ABBACREDO is the professional store display fixtures manufacturer who has ISO9001 and ISO14001 factories including metal, wood and acrylic production lines.
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ABBACREDO, The Professional Store Display Fixture Manufacturer
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